The machinery of Elpi Srl

We have more than 30 automatic lathes: single and multi-spindle, CNC, with fixed and sliding headstock.

Our team is constantly updating and investing in technologically advanced machinery, we carry out all kinds of machining, including particular and complex ones, guaranteeing quality and highly competitive services.

Depending on the type of turned metal parts to be made, we use automatic lathes with single-spindle, multi-spindle, computerized numerical control (CNC) units, with fixed and sliding headstock.

We have a machinery with over 30 automatic lathes including:

  • ITS single-spindle unit;
  • Gildemeister and Schütte multi-spindle units with high-pressure system IEMCA and Cucchi Pietro loaders;
  • Gildemeister CNC unit;
  • ITS with IEMCA and TOP loaders;
  • Tornos sliding headstock unit.

We have been dealing with precision machining for almost 50 years.

We perform with precision and speed from simple processing to complex components, with machined diameters range from 2 mm to 65 mm on round, hexagonal, square bars and special profiles.

Quality always first

For us at Elpi, quality is an essential requirement. Precisely for this reason we guarantee a strict and rigorous quality control throughout the production chain.