ELPI has been ISO 9001: 2015 certified since 2010.

The Quality Management System plays a fundamental role and allows us to supply to our customers the guarantee that a product meets the required characteristics and is realized through adequate, documented and transparent processes.

The normal instruments are integrated by software dedicated to the statistical control of production in order to reduce the number of pieces to be discarded thus allowing us to reduce production costs.

If required, together with the goods, we provide the documentation that certify the quality of the product and the value of the production process.

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Quality Policy


The Quality Policy of our company is focused on achieving the customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty and also on the full compliance of mandatory regulations and laws.

It takes into consideration the internal and external context on which it operates, following its progress and taking inspiration for the definition of objectives and risks during the execution of the processes.

In order to achieve this, the organization must commit to achieve and maintain specific targets which, as a whole, determine the achievement of the global quality strategy.

In this context it is considered a fundamental way to guide ELPI Srl to improve its performance.

The Quality Policy specifically addresses the business and non-business aspects necessary to ensure success, namely to guarantee success, namely

● to all Business Processes for which the types and levels of improvement must be defined dentifying risks, opportunities and suitable indicators for their management;

● to Customer and stakeholder satisfaction, defining the expected level and the actions to be taken to achieve it;

● to the Company staff who, feeling part of a team striving for business success, must find the most appropriate atmosphere and stimulation for their development, security and satisfaction;

● to the Expectations of the owner in relation to the achievement of the desired level of come back with respect to the committed resources;

● to Suppliers and business partners in order to achieve high levels of contribution and collaboration for the purpose of common growth;

● to the Resources Management - financial, infrastructural, human and environmental - in order to ensure effective and continuous support for the growth and success of the company.

The General Direction has primary responsibility for the realization of this target, the arrangement of the Quality Management System and the inspection of its adequacy;

it will draw up periodic reports on the state of the Quality Management System and on the effectiveness of achieving the objectives; it will define new goals for the subsequent period and the analysis of the risks associated with the processes.

The business organization has to undertake in order to achieve and maintain specific objectives which, as a whole, must determine the achievement of the global quality strategy.

Quality always first.

For us at Elpi, quality is an essential requirement.
Precisely for this reason we guarantee a strict and rigorous quality control throughout the production chain.