Production of small turned metal parts

We mainly deal with automatic turning and we perform high precision mechanical processing. We are specialized in metal turning, we produce turned metal parts such as pins, rods, terminals parts, bushings, nuts, spindles, pulleys and various mechanical small parts.

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In Elpi we deal with turning and produce small metal parts such as pins, rods, bushings, nuts, shafts, pulleys and small mechanical parts for various

Technologically advanced machinery

We work for the sectors of

Household appliance

We produce precision turned small parts for household appliances and the white goods sector with quality, flexibility, speed and precision.

Lighting technology

We guarantee the availability of all specific metal parts for the production of illuminated fixtures.


We supply small metal parts for car spare parts and any other type of machine.

Gardening and hobby

We also meet the needs of precision small parts for gardening and hobby since they fall within the measures that we can work with.


We are specialized in the production of metal parts for heating systems and hydraulic fittings.